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Podcast Phil Takeover – Get Jeff Some Meds

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This month, Clarity Sanderson and JC Carter hijacked Podcast Phil to encourage all of our listeners, friends, and families to donate at and help JM Bell pay for his insulin and other meds!

At this moment, your righteous indignation at how the pharmaceutical companies are ripping us off is not going to be enough. Please take a minute to donate today!

Need some convincing? How about a few personal testimonials about Jeff, available below? Read up, folks!


Jeff has always been there for us, let’s pitch in and get this dude his drugs so we can keep putting his voice in our ears!
-Chris and Krissie Holifield
I love Jeff. Jeff is the best. I’m sorry I slapped him.”
– Jake Winegar
Jeff is one of my best friends and the only person in the state of Utah who made campaign buttons for my Salt Lake City Council race in 2005. I was a no-name 22 year old running against a strong incumbent and nearly won. It was people like Jeff who encouraged and never gave up on me. Which is why I would never give up on him. Life is tough right now. We are living in uncertain times and in a terrifying Presidential administration. We need to help those closest to us because we need our best fighters on the line and Jeff ieasonss one of those I want fighting next to me. Please help if you can. He’d do the same for any of us. He’ll even make you buttons!
 – Janneke House
“I am super uncomfortable with this.”

– J.M. Bell

“Jeff is one of the most selfless people I know. He’ll go to bat for you. He’ll make time for you. He’ll make sure you’re taken care of at his own expense mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. I don’t want to lose him. I know a lot of you are struggling financially too and this time of year sucks.”

– Clarity Sanderson

Jeff is a friend, a mentor and a confidant. Jeff is the reason I spent a number of years in the leadership of the Progressive Caucus. Jeff is the reason I got involved in podcasting. Jeff is the person I send 80s music to to remind me that I know nothing about the 80s, or the 90s for that matter. Jeff always has a story. Jeff is one of the few people who can tell a good story. Jeff is the kind of father that I would want to be, if I had kids. Jeff speaks truth to power. Jeff is a kind soul, the kind that takes calls at random hours and listens. 
Jeff is crystallized chaotic good, a burley kilted crusader for a better humanity and a better society, one of the few living people who can quote poetry from memory without losing the crowd, a magnanimous person who has shown me love and fraternity, a man who will bum you his last cigarette and push your car down the roadside. Jeff is my brother and friend, and I love him to the root of my soul.
 -Alex Cragun
What can I say about Jeff? He is probably one of the most giving people I know! He goes out of his way and goes without so that someone can have what they need. He has helped with fundraisers, weddings, parties and funerals for friends and colleagues alike. He wears his heart on his abnormally large sleeve and would not think twice about giving someone the kilt off his back…side!

Jeff is a very loyal friend and an awesome (but sometimes a bit pesky) little brother and I encourage all of his friends and listeners to donate what they can to help with his diabetes meds. I know he has done the same for so many others!
 – Julie Davidse (sister)


I find myself in constant awe of Jeff. His compassion for others never ends. He is kind and gentle, sensitive towards those around him and eager to bring a smile to their faces. The world needs Jeff because he makes it a brighter, more humorous place to be. Please donate to this cause if you are able. I love this man with all my heart and there is no one more deserving of kindness and a little bit of help than him.
-Tiffany Steck