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I’m Podcast Phil.

I Help People Who Need It.

I represent a collective of independent creative individuals, coming together in common purpose to make the world a better place. Yup, totally serious. I was created by J.M. Bell, JC Carter, Jake Winegar & Forrest Shaw of The LEFT Show to build communities of artists to help other artists. 

It’s like this; every day someone – or some group – gets left behind. Sometimes it’s losing a job, sometimes it’s a sudden illness or injury, sometimes it’s being a small group, unable to get that first piece of marketing in the mail to raise funds. Small, targeted miseries, tragedies, and lonely days wondering if you can catch a break. Who speaks for the stranded?

Podcast Phil – Independent Creative Philanthropy: Those with Little, Getting and Giving To Those with Less. It’s a simple idea, really, community building for the greater good.