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On January 31st we lost our very good friend Forrest Shaw to terminal prostate cancer. He was one of the founding voices of The LEFT Show and a loud voice for progressive, responsible government behavior. Forrest was a kind and thoughtful friend, who impacted the lives of people who knew him. In his final years, he was a fierce advocate for both legalization of medical cannabis in Utah, and for euthanasia “right to die” legislation. He was an inspirational fighter.

We, his friends, and family, are fund raising to cover funeral and memorial costs. We’re using and asking for friends of Forrest and supporters of humane legislation – and the people fighting to provide their voices – to spare a little help, if they can.

In addition, we’re begging people to get their prostates checked, even if you’re not 50 years old; even if you have to fight your insurance company to get checked.

Thank you for your time and consideration.